AWKWORD on Trap House Rocks Radio

Ms. LB invites AWKWORD to join Trap House Rocks live to discuss AWKWORD’s World View charity album, his activism and his songs “Bars & Hooks" (featuring Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare, produced by Harry Fraud) and “Whose Streets?” (produced by Amsterdam’s Delegation of Sound).

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VRS Mag (UK) Interviews AWKWORD

Versus (VRS), a quarterly British magazine and blog dedicated to the best in the world of music, tech and design, recently sat down with Hip Hop artist and activist AWKWORD for a brief Q&A. They discussed  a variety of topics, including AWKWORD’s Chuck D cosign, the comparisons between AWKWORD and Slug and Macklemore, the impact of AWKWORD’s mother on the artist’s mindset, the importance of The Beatles, and the stand-out stories from the making of AWKWORD’s historical album, World View, on sale now via The DJ Booth as well as the artist’s bandcamp.

AWKWORD says: 

Although some of the interview has been paraphrased from a lengthy conversation with VRS, I do think overall I am not only accurately represented but offered another global venue to share an approved version of my story. VRS asked some questions I have never been asked before, so this is definitely worth the short read. I greatly appreciate their — and your — support.


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AWKWORD Breaks Down “Bars & Hooks” [prod. Harry Fraud]


“Bars & Hooks” is definitely the biggest hit off the album, to date. The song and video have been streamed, downloaded and viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It’s the first of two records produced by hit-making machine Harry Fraud, who I’ve known for more than a decade.

I heard ‘the flute beat’ in Fraud’s lab and asked him for it. We connected with Sean Price, who laid his verse down first. I followed suit, taking care to emulate certain rhythms and repeat certain phrases. The homie The Incomparable Shakespeare then came through to Fraud’s studio for us and did his thing on the hook. A little down the road, I was at a club in lower Manhattan with Statik Selektah and World View producer ATG, and I met The Kid Daytona. I mentioned the record to him and within a week he had recorded his verse and Fraud had finished the mix.

The song hits so hard, and hit the net and streets so hard, a video was destiny. We rented a Mercedes tour bus and driver, and we went to Brownsville to scoop up P. We met Harry Fraud, The Incomparable Shakespeare and The Kid Daytona in Williamsburg, where we spent the day shooting and getting lifted. It was a blast, and that is evident in the popular and critically acclaimed music video.“Amazing how I spit on a record, it go ‘POW!’ /

"Amazing how you shit on a record, it slow down /

Now pick it back up, we can start where we started at /

I spit for fiends, the generation of Starter caps /

Can’t rock tight jeans, never a thought of that /

You ain’t make me, Monday morning quarterback”


Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance

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AWKWORD (feat. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, Harry Fraud) - Bars & Hooks

AWKWORD’s “WorldView”, the First-Ever 100% For-Charity Global Hip Hop album, drops soon via The DJ Booth.

AWKWORD has appeared on/in The Village Voice, Huffington Post, Complex, XXL, The Source, Vibe, Hot 97, Urb, MTV, Vlad TV, AllHipHop, Hip Hop DX, Stupid DOPE, The Smoking Section, Okay Player, Hip Hop Wired, Nah Right, 2 Dope Boyz, DJ Booth, Hip Hop Game, iFame TV, Radio Dispatch with John & Molly Knefel, ANDYOUDON’TSTOP Radio with Chuck D of Public Enemy, Hip Hop Nation with Statik Selektah, Halftime Radio with DJ Eclipse, The Emilio Sparks Experience, etc.

Read more about Awkword as the current feature over at

Now at 220,000+ Views! With 2,000+ youtube Likes and Less Than 20 Unlikes…


Awkword - Bars & Hooks [Keep it Moving-K.I.M.] (feat. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona and the Incomparable Shakespeare [prod, by Harry Fraud]

malkav: AWKWORD, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, Harry Fraud - “Bars & Hooks” - OFFICIAL VIDEO

SweetToothPicks: AWKWORD, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, Harry Fraud - “Bars & Hooks” - OFFICIAL VIDEO


As soon as I heard the flutes in the intro, I anticipated the damage scheduled to occur. Sean Price, Awkword and The Kid Daytona anchor the verses well on Bars & Hooks. They waste no time in informing the listeners of what they stand for and how they get busy.

The cohesiveness of the…

With a GREAT write-up from the man Kaz himself, Hip Hop Wired world premieres the Chopped & Screwed (Slim K Slowdown) remix of AWKWORD's hit single “Bars & Hooks”, produced by Harry Fraud and featuring verses from Sean Price and The Kid Daytona and a hook from The Incomparable Shakespeare.

Bars & Hooks (Slim K Slowdown)

The kid AWKWORD dropped ‘Bars & Hooks’ a few months back which brought Hip-Hop back to its essence. Hip Hop Wired grabs up the exclusive Chopped & Screwed version courtesy of Slim K of OG Ron C’s Chopstars. This version keeps verses from Sean Price and The Kid Daytona and is produced by Harry Fraud.



AWKWORD ‘Bars & Hooks’ w/ Harry Fraud, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona

A last shot from the “Bars & Hooks” video shoot.

A last shot from the “Bars & Hooks” video shoot.

Ear Hustlin:

classic NY cinema


Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9, 2012, watch the new AWKWORD video “Bars & Hooks” [w/ Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, Harry Fraud & The Incomparable Shakespeare] on your television via iFame TV on ROKU nationwide [available now in 3 million households] at 10pm EST, or log on to

And if you’re going to miss it, don’t worry — the video will be available on Roku for a few weeks. Just check “This Week’s Features” or the “Music Video” section.

AWKWORD x The Kid Daytona

To read the critics’ rave reviews about the “Bars & Hooks” video, click here!

Single Cover Art (Purple): AWKWORD ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare - "Bars & Hooks" (prod. Harry Fraud)

The number-one single off AWKWORD’s forthcoming DJBooth-sponsored World View album, “Bars & Hooks" has been played and downloaded tens of thousands of times since its release December 2011; and two Sundays ago (April 29) The Source Magazine world premiered the official video, directed by Andre Ward of Across the Bridge Productions and featuring the full cast of characters: AWKWORD, Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, The Incomparable Shakespeare and Harry Fraud.


Within a week, the “Bars & Hooks” video had accrued 20,000 plays, thanks in part to great features from the likes of Complex Magazine, Hip Hop Wired, Okay Player, Hip Hop DX, 2 Dope Boyz, Nah Right, You Heard That New, etc. — without a single dollar spent on promotion.

See below for some of the rave reviews, plus a list of top links (a couple sites posted it twice!).

And feel free to click the links to vote-up or comment on the video/song. They take notice. And we appreciate.


Complex Magazine:

New York City rapper AWKWORD just released the visuals for his collaboration with Sean Price and The Kid Daytona “Bars & Hooks,” produced by Harry Fraud with The Incomparable Shakespeare on the chorus. These guys are taking it back to the essence of NYC hip-hop with this one. Pay attention.

Okay Player:

AWKWORD takes hip-hop back to its essence with this brand new video “Bars & Hooks” featuring Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, and The Incomparable Shakespeare (with Harry Fraud on the beat). The title says it all, what more can you ask for?

Hip Hop Wired:

Some rugged Hip-Hop for your Monday morning. Awkword drops “Bar & Hooks (Keep It Moving [K.I.M.]),” featuring Sean Price, The Incomparable Shakespeare and The Kid Daytona. Harry Fraud hooks up a beat heavy on flutes and brolic drums. Keep it moving and peep the video for “Bar & Hooks”.

2 Dope Boyz:

The entire song is called “Bars & Hooks (Keep It Moving [K.I.M.]).” Harry Fraud on the beat, and a bunch of talented emcees on the raps make for one good combination.

Hip Hop DX:

Finally… some grimy, boom bap, bully foot East Coast shit. This goes super hard.

The Sermon’s Domain:

AWKWORD, Harry Fraud, Sean Price, and The Kid Daytona are to backpackers what Future, 2 Chainz, Ross & French are to main stream. this collab is huge. and Andre Ward form Across the Bridge Productions brings this Harry Fraud production alive.

Ruby Hornet:

“Talking about the jerks in the game, you know who you are.”

AWKWORD brings some of NYC’s most talented emcees together for 4-plus minutes of dope NYC rap on “Bars & Hooks”. The posse cut features Sean Price, The Kid Daytona, and The Incomparable Shakespeare, with production from Harry Fraud. The video is directed by Andre Ward, who does a great job of not over visualizing this straightforward record. Watch it below. Shouts to AWKWORD.


Don’t worry about the lengthy title, just press play. Its about time NY emcees re-take the throne. Can’t go wrong with P! With a song title like “Bars & Hooks” what else you expect. La musica de Harry Fraud.

Revolt Radio:

AWKWORD releases the crazy visuals for the street heater “Bars & Hooks”… Everything is hot bout this track — the cocaine beat by Harry Fraud, the sick verses, and the video just puts it all in perspective.

Ecko Unlimited Italy:

These guys are doing back the true New York style of the past. [translated.]

Pop Killer (Poland):

Oh yeah, i enjoy that song since its release (December), and finally shot him a video. [translated.]

aik.éqt & fngrprnt (Germany):

The new week starts again more than epic. Rotate your boxes to enjoy the brilliant weather, and to this unspeakably sexy sound! The track can be found on the album “World View” by AWKWORD again and is just one of many other beads. AWKWORD released on Sub City Productions / DJ Booth, and up to mischief in no less a city than the metropolis of New York City Hip Hop. The guy I’ll keep an eye on each case. Until then, enjoy the track and listened to the album purely sometimes! [translated.]

Honorable Mentions



For more rave reviews, including mad love from Japan and elsewhere in Asia, click here to read the late 2011 write-ups on the “Bars & Hooks” song; and follow @AWKWORDrap on twitter — he reads, responds, retweets, etc.

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