"Right is right, (get ‘em), wrong is wrong / Sick of all the mis-advice, why I’m singing this song / Hating how you live your life, why you’re singing along I’m The People’s Champion, Torah, Bible, Koran.”


AWKWORD on Trap House Rocks Radio

Ms. LB invites AWKWORD to join Trap House Rocks live to discuss AWKWORD’s World View charity album, his activism and his songs “Bars & Hooks" (featuring Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare, produced by Harry Fraud) and “Whose Streets?” (produced by Amsterdam’s Delegation of Sound).

CLICK HERE to stream the full interview.

VRS Mag (UK) Interviews AWKWORD

Versus (VRS), a quarterly British magazine and blog dedicated to the best in the world of music, tech and design, recently sat down with Hip Hop artist and activist AWKWORD for a brief Q&A. They discussed  a variety of topics, including AWKWORD’s Chuck D cosign, the comparisons between AWKWORD and Slug and Macklemore, the impact of AWKWORD’s mother on the artist’s mindset, the importance of The Beatles, and the stand-out stories from the making of AWKWORD’s historical album, World View, on sale now via The DJ Booth as well as the artist’s bandcamp.

AWKWORD says: 

Although some of the interview has been paraphrased from a lengthy conversation with VRS, I do think overall I am not only accurately represented but offered another global venue to share an approved version of my story. VRS asked some questions I have never been asked before, so this is definitely worth the short read. I greatly appreciate their — and your — support.


CLICK HERE to BUY THE ALBUM — and Donate 100% of the Proceeds to At-Risk Youth.

Belgium’s Adramatic Reviews AWKWORD’s World View Album

With TWO SONGS off the album landing on’s Best of February 2014 List, AWKWORD's World View finally gets the full review treatment from the Belgian Hip Hop site. 


In two months or 10 years, people will talk about this album as a source of inspiration and motivation and will be remembered as well beyond a simple Hip Hop album. 

CLICK HERE for the full review.


AWKWORD 'World View' Banner recently caught up with AWKWORD to talk about the artist’s recent release, World View. They discuss how the project was first conceptualized; the difficulties of the album-making process; the responses from artists approached to contribute; the toughest collaborations; working with Harry Fraud and Slug; the connection to sponsor Morgan Stanley; how the album’s success will be measured; and more.


The NY emcee describes the making of a charity hip hop album with over 100 artists involved. It’s easier said than done to release the first charity hip hop album. Awkword knows that. He has been working on “World View” for more than five years, collaborating with emcees and producers from six continents and countries such as Romania, Malawi and Serbia. But the album was successfully released last month, and now Awkword is dropping the bonus disc, a 19-track compilation that features guest appearances from Pace Won, Poison Pen, Vast Aire and others.

CLICK HERE for the FULL interview.

The [world-famous] Source Magazine features and reviews the first-ever 100% for-charity global Hip Hop album(s), World View and the World View Bonus Disc, from rapper/activist AWKWORD.

In a culture filled with flaunting wealth and prosperity, it’s not often we hear feel-good stories about earnings going to charity. AWKWORD has been a man of the people since I first met him a few years back. From holding informative events, to educating the masses on pressing issues, to moves like this. PACKED with a slew of celebrity appearances, World View is a work of art, embodying true lyrical skill and the empowerment of Hip Hop’s culture.

To read the full review, CLICK HERE.

AWKWORD - World View Bonus Disc - Art by Good Idea [Italy]

In celebration of AWKWORD's history-making first-ever 100% for-charity global Hip Hop album World View, the activist rapper and project sponsor DJBooth release a brand-new, 19-track FREE Bonus Disc. The 86-minute album takes you across four continents and 11 countries, with contributions from the likes of Harry Fraud, Jadakiss, Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Slug of Atmosphere, The Kid Daytona, Rickie Jacobs, MarQ Spekt, AWOL One, Josh Martinez, SHIRT, The Incomparable Shakespeare, Vast Aire, Poison Pen and more.

Stream x Download:


01. “Before Before” ft. Pace Won & Block McCloud [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
02. “Whose Streets?” [prod. by Delegation of Sound (Netherlands)]
03. “Dedication” ft. Centri [prod. by Dismas (Romania)]
04. “Rhythm of Life” ft. SHI 360 (Israel), Jesse Abraham, Barak The Rapper (Israel) & DJ Trickalome (UK) {add vox. by Kosha Dillz & Sneakas) [prod. by SHI 360]
05. “Thank You (A Tribute To My Mommy)” [prod. by ATG]
06. “Stay Spittin Stay Flowin” [prod. by Rollincut (Austria)]
07. “Go!” (Slim K Slowdown) ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug {of Atmosphere} & Maya Azucena [prod. by Domingo]
08. “Bars & Hooks” (Slim K Slowdown) ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare [prod. by Harry Fraud]
09. “Hate Me Now” [prod. by Conman]
10. “The People’s Champions - Part II” ft. AKIR & Y-Love [prod. by Trilian (Serbia)]
11. “Rainy Daze - Part I” ft. Main Flow, Rickie Jacobs & Mojo {of Dujeous} [prod. by The Aqua League]
12. “Rainy Daze - Part II” ft. AWOL One, Bisco Smith {aka Bisc1} & brokeMC [prod. by Cletus (Italy)]
13. “Back to BK” ft. D. Julien, Dom O Briggs & Poison Pen [prod. by Tone Spliff]
14. “New York Minute - World View Remix” ft. Jadakiss, Mazzi {aka S.O.U.L. Purpose}, Vast Aire & Punchline [prod. by Harry Fraud]
15. “All My People” ft. Baje One {of Junk Science}, Josh Martinez (Canada) & Queen GodIs [prod. by JoeBlack (Brazil)]
16. “Imperialism - Official Remix” ft. C-Rayz Walz & Chief Kamachi [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
17. “The World Is Yours - Official Remix” ft. Sha Stimuli & Viro the Virus {RIP} [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
18. “Worldwide” ft. Esdi (Italy) [prod. by Cletus (Italy)]
19. “Before Before” ft. MarQ Spekt, SHIRT & Kel Spencer [prod. by King P (UK)] | Outro Bonus Track by Monte Smith



The a’capella by Maya Azucena is KILLER. What a beautiful, uplifting track to end an inspiring album with. The placement of this track shows the genius of Awkword.

To read the full review, with insightful track-by-track commentary from REUP Spot's Vick Slate, CLICK HERE.

Belgium’s features its favorite Hip Hop records each month and this February showcased two songs off AWKWORD’s 100% for-charity global rap album World View, in addition to new tracks featuring Maino, Rick Ross, CyHi The Prynce, Onyx, Cunninlynguists, eMC, Jasiri X, Supastition, John Robinson, C-Rayz Walz, Agallah, Snowgoons and more.

CLICK HERE to see the list and download the Adramatic mix for February 2014.

AWKWORD Breaks Down The People’s Champions prod. Harry Fraud

“The People’s Champ” is the first big record I ever did. It’s one of the saving graces of See The Light, if you ask me, and it’s the first official music video I ever shot. To me there was no question in compiling the World View album that some sort of remix of “The People’s Champ” would be included. In fact, “The People’s Champions” is the first of two ‘remixes’ that appear on the larger project. This remix, the second World View track produced by Harry Fraud, with Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline and Beretta 9, features the first of my two original verses. Part 2, produced by Trilian of Serbia and featuring AKIR and Y-Love, features my second verse and appears on the World View Bonus Disc. Both new versions use my original chorus: “Right is right, get em, wrong is wrong / Sick of all the mis-advice, why I’m singin this song / Hatin how ya live your life, why you singing along / I’m The People’s Champion, Torah Bible Koran”.

This is the revolutionary anthem. I pull no punches in outlining how I plan to revolt and — with the sing-along hook and instructional elements in the verses — bring everybody with me.

I enjoyed listening to all the World View remixes that came in from all over the world, as well as the guest verses I received from many of your favorite underground rappers — and this was especially true for “The People’s Champions”. It was difficult choosing which fit best. For parts 1 and 2 I went with songs put together after the remix contest.

Whenever Harry Fraud offers you his production, you say “yes”. Fitting is an understatement for the beat he crafted specifically for this song. Appropriately, we featured two artists who, to me, are underground legends, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Punchline, as well as a frontman of one of my favorite groups growing up, Wu Tang’s Killarmy. “The People’s Champions” may even be better than the original, and for me that says a lot.

“Rock a tattoo of the Star of David, the sacrificial Hebrew /

Cleaning up the world’s mess, that’s the dirt that we do /

Is it better to be miserable, living your life cursed on this earth /

Or better to be delivered in a hearse, to your whole family, it still hurts /

The pain is inevitable, plus, the pain is relative /

Is it better to be resting in peace, or dragged down by sedatives /

To dwell in the present, is to be broken down by the president /

But I ain’t gon let that shit happen, not for my Sub-City residents”


Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance

AWKWORD Breaks Down “Bars & Hooks” [prod. Harry Fraud]


“Bars & Hooks” is definitely the biggest hit off the album, to date. The song and video have been streamed, downloaded and viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It’s the first of two records produced by hit-making machine Harry Fraud, who I’ve known for more than a decade.

I heard ‘the flute beat’ in Fraud’s lab and asked him for it. We connected with Sean Price, who laid his verse down first. I followed suit, taking care to emulate certain rhythms and repeat certain phrases. The homie The Incomparable Shakespeare then came through to Fraud’s studio for us and did his thing on the hook. A little down the road, I was at a club in lower Manhattan with Statik Selektah and World View producer ATG, and I met The Kid Daytona. I mentioned the record to him and within a week he had recorded his verse and Fraud had finished the mix.

The song hits so hard, and hit the net and streets so hard, a video was destiny. We rented a Mercedes tour bus and driver, and we went to Brownsville to scoop up P. We met Harry Fraud, The Incomparable Shakespeare and The Kid Daytona in Williamsburg, where we spent the day shooting and getting lifted. It was a blast, and that is evident in the popular and critically acclaimed music video.“Amazing how I spit on a record, it go ‘POW!’ /

"Amazing how you shit on a record, it slow down /

Now pick it back up, we can start where we started at /

I spit for fiends, the generation of Starter caps /

Can’t rock tight jeans, never a thought of that /

You ain’t make me, Monday morning quarterback”


Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance 


Stream AWKWORD ‘World View’ LP Featuring Joell Ortiz, Slug, Sean Price, Harry Fraud & More

NYC Rapper, Activist and Sociologist AWKWORD has come together with THe DJ Booth and The Morgan Stanley Foundation to bring listeners his long-awaited studio album, ‘World View’.

Five years in the making, the 19-track LP has been described by the artist as “the first-ever 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project.” All proceeds are being donated to Guns 4 Cameras, a 501c3 nonprofit working to stop gun violence. Nine countries — and five continents — are represented on the album, already being called “a home run” and “an instant classic”.

Features include: Joell Ortiz, KRS-One, Sean Price, Slug (of Atmosphere), Chino XL, The Kid Daytona, Jasiri X, ILL BILL, Viro The Virus (RIP), REKS

Producers include: Harry Fraud, Domingo, Steel Tipped Dove, Numonics, ATG, Amin PaYnE [Australia], Dominant1 [Malawi], Dismas [Romania]

(The World View Bonus Disc features contributions from another 10 countries (and one more continent) and will be available March 4, 2014, also via


01. “Gas Land (Frack Off)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
02. “Throw Away The Key” [prod. by L.Ment (Canada)]
03. “Bars & Hooks” ft. Sean Price, The Kid Daytona & The Incomparable Shakespeare [prod. by Harry Fraud]
04. “Penny” [prod. by Dismas (Romania)]
05. “The People’s Champions” ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline & Beretta 9 (of Killarmy) [prod. by Harry Fraud]
06. “Got Class?” [prod. by Fresh Nerd]
07. “Notorious” ft. Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X (Norway) [prod. by Amin PaYnE (Australia)]
08. “Doctor Doctor” ft. GuessWho? [prod. by MajoR R.E. (Malaysia)]
09. “Requiem” ft. SoulStice, Ess Vee & CuzOH! Black (add. vox by Jay Daniels [Australia] & Mark Deez) [prod. by ATG]
10. “Melting Pot (Made In America)” ft. Chaundon [prod. by Numonics]
11. “Rape” [prod. by Fafu]
12. “Rap Genius” ft. Chino XL & Perseverance [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]
13. “It’s Not Possible” [prod. by Recluse Crew (Finland)]
14. “#AaronSwartz” ft. L*A*W [prod. by Steel Tipped Dove]
15. “The World Is Yours” ft. Sha Stimuli & Viro the Virus [prod. by Dominant1 (Malawi)]
16. “Imperialism” ft. C-Rayz Walz & REKS [prod. by Jonny Lupo (Moldova)]
17. “Radio 2.0″ ft. KRS-One, Dug Infinite, Brimstone127 & Mista Lawnge (of Black Sheep) [prod. by Vice Souletric]
18. “Metal Music” ft. El Gant, ILL BILL, Tenacity & Blame One [prod. by Tranzformer]
19. “Go!” ft. Joell Ortiz, Slug (of Atmosphere) & Maya Azucena [prod. by Domingo]

interview AWKWORD:

CLICK HERE to read more.

This is an eclectic list of mainstream and underground rap. Not a comprehensive list, because I am busy being an artist. There are certain artists I look out for (whether I end up liking most of their music or not), including producers Harry Fraud and Statik Selektah and emcees Jasiri XPusha T and Action Bronson; and then there are certain songs I find due to hype or matter of chance. The characteristics of the artists to which I tend to gravitate are: Authenticity; Passion in vocal delivery; Ability to paint a picture with words; and Selection of beats that make me happy. What kind of beats are those? Well, maybe someone smarter can tell me, based on the list or the selection of instrumentals I have chosen to rap over. (In the case of Fraud, those two clearly overlap.) ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Features include: Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Chino XL, KRS-One, Slug (of Atmosphere), Jadakiss, The Kid Daytona, ILL BILL, REKS, Jasiri X, Jus Daze, Y-Love, Viro the Virus {RIP}, Vast Aire, Pace Won (of the Outsidaz), Sha Stimuli, Chaundon, C-Rayz Walz, Chief Kamachi, Shabaam Sahdeeq, SHI 360 [Israel], Poison Pen, Punchline, Rickie Jacobs, Josh Martinez, AWOL One, MarQ Spekt, SHIRT, Mista Lawnge (of Black Sheep), Beretta 9 (of Killarmy)

Producers include: Harry Fraud, Domingo, Numonics, Anno Domini [UK], ATG, Steel Tipped Dove, Fafu, The White Shadow [Norway], Dismas [Romania], Trilian [Serbia]

CLICK HERE for more.