AWKWORD - Brighter [prod. by Pitus (Italy) - off the Good Idea mixtape

An World Premiere. One of only a very few non-album releases from AWKWORD for the rest of 2014, this one off the forthcoming Classic Corny Shit mixtape from Italian art crew — and World View art directors — Good Idea. (Song produced by Good Idea affiliate Pitus, also of Italy.)

"Tonight we are young, let’s set the world on fire /
Brighter, kingdom come among this world of liars /

Tonight we are young let’s set the world aflame / 
Brighter, kingdom come we break free of these chains.”

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VRS Mag (UK) Interviews AWKWORD

Versus (VRS), a quarterly British magazine and blog dedicated to the best in the world of music, tech and design, recently sat down with Hip Hop artist and activist AWKWORD for a brief Q&A. They discussed  a variety of topics, including AWKWORD’s Chuck D cosign, the comparisons between AWKWORD and Slug and Macklemore, the impact of AWKWORD’s mother on the artist’s mindset, the importance of The Beatles, and the stand-out stories from the making of AWKWORD’s historical album, World View, on sale now via The DJ Booth as well as the artist’s bandcamp.

AWKWORD says: 

Although some of the interview has been paraphrased from a lengthy conversation with VRS, I do think overall I am not only accurately represented but offered another global venue to share an approved version of my story. VRS asked some questions I have never been asked before, so this is definitely worth the short read. I greatly appreciate their — and your — support.


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RAPE #WorldView

RAPE #WorldView

GOT CLASS? #WorldView

GOT CLASS? #WorldView

Brightside Live Reviews AWKWORD’s World View Album

"The album offers 19 killer tracks, including a variety of huge collaborations… It’s really inspiring to see such hard work and dedication to the hip-hop genre… This guy’s career is long from finished."

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AWKWORD on World View Collab with Finland’s Recluse Crew

AWKWORD - “It’s Not Possible” [prod. by Recluse Crew (Finland)]

Finland’s Recluse Crew submitted a remix for the original World View contest… and didn’t win. But their effort put them on my radar, and the minor setback didn’t stop them in their tracks. We maintained contact, exchanging beats and verses without, until recently, landing on an official World View collaboration befitting the album.

I actually pulled a fast one and, in the footsteps of early Eminem, released this album track first as a freestyle to coincide with my interview with Drew Evans, and journalist. I called it “One Throne” then, but “It’s Not Possible” works better.

“Mr. Passion and praxis til AWK trapped in the casket /
25/8 so they call me white rapid /
The smoothest, I’m Jimmy Connors with the racket /
I’m ruthless, I’m Jimmy Conway with the racket”


Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance


Pretty Dirt Ball Interviews AWKWORD

Pretty Dirt Ball catches up with AWKWORD to talk about his recent 100% for-charity global Hip Hop album World View, the meaning behind his moniker, collaborations and crossing over to the mainstream…

P.O.B.: caught up with AWKWORD for a couple of questions and as usual the responses were real and genuine. If you don’t know about AWKWORD's music you should check out his new history making album titled World View.

To read the full interview, CLICK HERE.


World View is the fusion of the human conscious with an emcee’s ability encapsulated inside boom bap rhythms. The power of music is certainly on display… Don’t forsake the power of music.

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Chino XL, Perseverance and AWKWORD are Rap Geniuses

AWKWORD ft. Perseverance & Chino XL - “Rap Genius” [prod. by The White Shadow (Norway)]

As the song title suggests, “Rap Genius” is about lyrics. But of course I add my personal style. The White Shadow, one of the executive producers of World View, had verses from Chino XL and the homie Perseverance, so he made an instrumental and hook that serves as more than a backdrop for the aggressive lyrics.

I named the song “Rap Genius” based on the reference early in my verse — and as an homage to industry-leading lyrics site, which has supported me since day one. (Check out the Outside The Lines interview I did with RG EIC Shawn Setaro.)

“I’m White Ali, Black Jesus, Bad Santa /
36 bees, Rap Genius, can’t stand ya /
Dante, and it’s a cold day in Hell /
Like the New York City streets, something smells /
It’s undisputed, I’m underrated, I’m Raymond Felton /
It’s from the music for when you play it to David Geffin /
They say it’s great in Heaven, it’ll make up for this /
But it was written by people afraid not to exist /
I thought of everything, even slitting my wrists /
Now I use my favorite weapon to awaken you kids”

Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance

NYC emcee Awkword released a very interesting project… Despite featuring several producers “World View” clearly has a cohesive sound, and comes off as an homage to the Golden Age of true hip-hop. Be sure to check this one out.
The Lost Tapes (click to read the full writeup)
1 in 5 American Women Gets Raped. AWKWORD Tells Their Stories.


My wife gets sick hearing this song. In fact, Fafu felt pretty uncomfortable mixing the verses and interweaving the real interviews with rape victims. But that was the point from the beginning. Not to upset those closest to me, but to make a statement with a song that simply could not be sidestepped. Rape — and the treatment of women, in general — is one of those topics swept under the rug in Hip Hop culture and society as a whole, and that needs to change.

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing worse than rape. Murder can be explained, as in the case of avenging a daughter’s death, for example, but rape is inexcusable and devoid of reason. Yet, at least in this country, there are more drug offenders than rapists and perverts in prison for life. Meanwhile, politicians nationwide fight to make it illegal for women to have abortions, even when the pregnancy results from rape. The victims are blamed and excuses are made for the perpetrators.

As a son, as a brother, and as a REAL man, I will never be comfortable as long as women are abused and treated as weaker and lesser beings. While other rappers are getting rich making music that degrades women, I am risking attack for exposing just three of the many ways women are raped in the world today.

“Fifteen years old, and can’t get up off the mattress /
And the bruises, can’t be covered up, by makeup and fashions /
Get yellow, blue and black, for even thinking of slacking /
Do everything I demand, I wanna see love, and passion /
Trying not to cry, tied up in this dungeon /
And if even she could escape, she don’t know how to function”


Originally written for: Hip Hop Renaissance

#BRIGHTER: #NewMusic this TUESDAY 04/15/14 from #AWKWORD off the forthcoming #GoodIdea (#Italy) Mixtape

#BRIGHTER: #NewMusic this TUESDAY 04/15/14 from #AWKWORD off the forthcoming #GoodIdea (#Italy) Mixtape

The Great Mixtape (Italy) Interviews AWKWORD

AWKWORD speaks to The Great Mixtape about his 100% for-charity global Hip Hop album, World View, songwriting, future endeavors, the future of our world, and more.

Q: The Great Mixtape:

How do you see the future of children in the U.S. suburbs?


Across the suburbs, on the farms and in the cities alike, the middle class is shrinking. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Working people are getting screwed. And there is no safety net left for the needy. Surveillance and more violent policing are creating an environment of fear and distrust. And with technology being blasted at us from every direction, we are losing our humanity. The earth is being destroyed by the government and corporations, and we are too busy playing games on our iPads to notice we are eating food fabricated in laboratories and drinking water poisoned with hydrochloric acid. I see many more years of the dulling of the people, followed by a revolution of the oppressed. That’s if we’re lucky, if we learn to stop pointing and shooting guns at each other and ourselves, and save them for defense. My biggest fear is that we do see change, but that change suddenly sounds the same… I recommend reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire and listening to my song “Whose Streets?" (produced by Delegation of Sound).

For more questions and answers, CLICK HERE.

AWKWORD - Whose Streets? (prod. by Delegation of Sound [Netherlands]) {art by Good Idea [Italy]}






To celebrate the release of World View, the very ambitious Hip-Hop project (See below), rapper Awkword released for free a bonus disc of cuts not on the album. The bonus disc follows retail projects formula, putting international artists from multiple countries together. The result is refreshing, so many hands in a project could be cause for continuity troubles, but not here. The contributors…

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